Transitional Kindergarten

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Transitional Kindergarten (TK) is a program for children who may need another year of development and maturation before kindergarten. Developmentally appropriate lessons that focus on the whole child address social, emotional, spiritual, and academic needs. Transitional Kindergarten meets for five half-days of instruction each week. 

The major skills that TK students are taught are:

Early Literacy Skills: Identifying upper and lower case letter names and sounds, practicing letter formation, blending known letters to read simple phonetic words,  phonological awareness, sight word recognition, and writing simple words

Math: Identifying and writing numbers, rote counting, recognizing and extending patterns, sorting, understanding the concepts of more than, less than, equal, and not equal, creating and reading graphs, and odd and even numbers

Personal Skills: Identifying and writing first and last names, knowing address, phone number, age, birthday, positional terms, and understanding calendar concepts

Religion Skills: Making the Sign of the Cross, introducing prayers (Our Father, Hail Mary, beginning day prayer, mealtime prayer, and end of day prayer), and listening to Bible stories (New and Old Testament)

As active learners and explorers, children are naturally curious about their world. Learning should build onto what children already know, and help prepare them for what they will learn next. Learning is optimized when students feel successful. TK gives children time to grow, develop, and mature personally, while they learn many of the skills needed for a successful kindergarten year.

Mrs. Debra McRoberts

Transitional Kindergarten Teacher/Reading Specialist