Eighth Grade

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St. Charles School School creates a world of learning that emphasizes development in the Catholic Faith, academic excellence and diverse co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. The way in which St. Charles School meets the individual needs of your child is unlike any other.


  • At St. Charles School, your eighth grade student will receive superior academic instruction that touches the mind, body and spirit.
  • In math, students will explore higher-level math skills such as problem solving and critical thinking. Students will study both pre-algebra and algebra. We incorporate technology weekly and explore real-world math daily.
  • 8th Reading/ELA:-Students focus on dissecting fictional and nonfictional texts to unveil deeper meanings, and study how the structure, syntax, and word choice impact the piece of literature. A variety of activities and projects foster student creativity and higher level thinking. Students focus on the following types of writing in the eighth grade: expository and research based writing, argumentative, as well as narrative writing.

  • In science, the students begin to study physical science by examining atomic structure and creating their own periodic table of elements. The students will be introduced to physics, as well as begin to study chemical reactions.
  • Our weekly curriculum also includes art, music, computers, library, physical education and Spanish.
  • Spanish is taught twice a week with our sixth graders and everyday for seventh and eighth grade students.  In seventh and eighth combined students may test out of Spanish One and move forward to Spanish Two in High School. Mrs. Sandra O’Gorman teachers Spanish to all students in grades Kindergarten through Eighth Grade.  To contact Mrs. O’Gorman click here.

Catholic Faith

Your child’s faith will grow throughout the total experience of every day. The students celebrate a year of Confirmation preparation incorporated into our parish program running through our vibrant youth ministry program. Also, eighth grade students learn about morality and Church history. The year is blessed with weekly student-led Masses filled with wonderful worship and praise music. In addition, the students tour the seminary and actively learn and live the Beatitudes. Our 8th Graders also have the honor to be Eucharistic Ministers.

Mrs. Becky Mueller- English  Email Mrs. Mueller

Mrs. Erica Prather- English  Email Mrs. Prather

Mr. Deme Crinion- Religion  Email Mrs. Crinion

Mr. Chris Bigelow- Science
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Mr. Jeremy Samudio- Social Studies
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Mrs. Emily Issenmann-English
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Mrs. Jodi Boeddeker- Math
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