Option C

At St. Charles School, we recognize the importance of reliable and readily available communication. Option C is an online educational resource available to all St. Charles School families. This resource keeps all of your students’ important and necessary information in one place. It’s easy to use and provides access to all the information everyone in the family needs to know about what is going on at school. St. Charles school code is 8380.

To access your child’s information, you will need the school-supplied user-name and password. If you need your child’s password, please contact us.

Students can use Option C to:

    • Verify your homework assignments and due dates
    • Check your subject grades and test/quiz scores as often as you’d like
    • Remind yourself what day your test will be held or when your project is due
    • Look at the school calendar to see upcoming and ongoing events

Parents can use Option C to:

  • Print necessary forms (registration, permission slips, medical release, CYO sports, etc.) under the red “file library” tab, as well as read up on school policies and procedures
  • Look at the school calendar to see upcoming and ongoing events
  • Check your child’s grades and homework, and track his or her progress
  • Verify how many days your child has been tardy and/or absent

Option C