Transitional Kindergarten

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St. Charles Transitional Kindergarten

Transitional Kindergarten (TK) is a program for children who may need another year of development and maturation before Kindergarten.  TK meets for five half-days of instruction each week. TK provides a positive learning environment that concentrates on whole-child growth (personal, social, academic, and emotional).  Students attend music, gym, library, computer class, and art each week. Starting with Advent, TK attends Mass with the rest of the school every other week. A few activities throughout the year include Star Student of the week during the first semester and Mad Scientist of the week during the second semester.  During these events, the students share information about themselves and their families. This provides the student with a fun introduction to public speaking. TK also performs two service projects throughout the year. One is an ongoing opportunity to fill the bird feeders on school grounds and the second is making rice socks and animal toys for SISCA.

In TK, skills are taught using manipulatives and a hands-on approach.  Activities involve working independently, cooperatively with others in small groups, and whole group.  Centers are utilized and are focus based in a small group setting to teach various skills in math, language, fine motor, and personal areas.  Recess is outdoors on our playground, weather permitting, to develop gross mother skills. If the recess is indoors, time is split with play-based activities and movement (developing gross motor movements with music).

The major skills that students learn in TK are:

Math Skills:  identifying and writing numbers, rote counting, recognizing and extending patterns, sorting, understand the concepts of more than, less than, equal and not equal, creating and reading graphs

Language Skills:  identifying and writing uppercase and lowercase letters, identifying sounds, identifying sight words, rhymes, predicting, retelling and sequencing story events

Personal Skills:  identifying and writing first and last name, knowing address, phone number, age, birthday, positional terms, understanding calendar concepts

Religion Skills:  making the Sign of the Cross, introducing prayers (Our Father, Hail Mary, beginning day prayer, petitions, mealtime prayer, and end of day prayer), participating in school Mass, knowing stories from the Bible (New and Old Testament), Advent and Christmas, Lent and Easter.