Faculty & Staff – St. Charles School


Mr. David Bogle

Mr. Bogle joined our staff in 2011.
MS Educational Leadership
BA Education
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Office Manager

Mrs. Nancy Cochran

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Office Assistant

Mrs. Reenie Boecker

(Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)

Mrs. Debbie Mancz

(Monday, Friday)
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Business Manager

Mr. Steve Morris

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Enrollment & Marketing Director

Mrs. Maggie Paxson-Collins

Mrs. Collins joined the staff in 2009
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School Counselor

Mrs. Brittany Will- Room 201

Mrs. Will joined our staff in 2015

B. A in Psychology and a Masters of Science in Education and Health Science (Counseling)

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Mrs. Stacy Ullmer (M, T, W, & Th)

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Mrs. Nancy Coates (F)

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Intervention Specialist

Miss Monica Haus- Room 207

B.S.E. Intervention Specialist Mild-Moderate disabilities
M.S.E. Literacy
Certified Dyslexia Practitioner

Speech Therapist

Mrs. Natalie Corolus

No photo available at this time
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Mrs. Cindy Rogers (3 year olds)- Room 105

Mrs. Rogers joined our staff in 2012

B.S Elementary Education, Minor in Preschool
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Mrs. Nichole Larkin (Aide)
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Mrs. Julie Barr (3 year olds)- Room 104

Mrs. Barr joined our staff in 2013
BA Elementary Education, minors in History and Bible

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Mrs. Debbie Mancz (Aide)

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Ms. Tracey Braun (4 year olds)- Room 106

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Mrs. Denise Dudzinski (Aide)

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Mrs. Kathie Berry (4 year olds)- Room 102

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Ms. Anna Furderer (Aide)

Transitional Kindergarten (AM)

Mrs. Jennifer Fuchs- Room 123

Mrs. Fuchs joined the Church Staff in 2015 and the School in 2016

Elementary Licensure, University of Dayton
BA Psychology, University of Dayton


Mrs. Kristin Wisniewski- Room 114

Mrs. Wisniewski joined staff in 2013
Bachelor of Science in Education
Masters of Science in Education

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Ms. Jennifer Marzluff- Room 119

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Mrs. Darcy Rodman- Room 112

Mrs. Rodman joined our staff in 2011.
MA Educational Leadership
BS Education
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First Grade

Mrs. Jessica Archibald- Room 116

Mrs. Archibald joined our staff in 2004
MA Education
BA Interior Design
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Mrs. Christine Bonanno- Room 121

Mrs. Bonanno joined our staff in 1989
BS Education
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Second Grade

Mrs. Amanda Allen- Room 120

Mrs. Allen joined our staff in 2017
Mrs. Kathleen Stebbins- Room 118

Mrs. Stebbins joined our staff in 2016
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Third Grade

Mrs. Sarah Shearrow- Room 205

Mrs. Shearrow joined our staff in 2018

Bachelors in elementary education, special needs and a certification in ENL.

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Mrs. Lisa Axt- Room 204

Mrs. Axt joined our staff in 2002
MA Counseling, Elem Certification
BS Social Work
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Fourth Grade

Mrs. Lisa Carlson- Room 203

Mrs. Carlson joined our staff in 2001.

BS in Education and Master Teacher.

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Miss Samantha Drake- Room 202

Miss Drake joined our staff in 2014
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Fifth Grade

Mrs. Debbie Waker- Room 209

Mrs. Waker joined our staff in 2008
MA Middle Childhood Education
BS Education
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Mrs. Katy Bundy- Room 206

Mrs. Bundy joined our staff in 2016
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Sixth, Seventh, Eighth Grade

Mr. John Bertke(Social Studies 6-7-8)- Room 220

Mr. Bertke joined our staff in 1999
BS Education
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Mrs. Kim Mueller(Religion 6 & 7)- Room 218

Mrs. Mueller joined our staff in 2002
MA Educational Learning Disabilities
BA Special Education, Elem Ed and Master Teacher
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Mrs. Meredith Conner (Science 6-7-8)- Room 214

Mrs. Conner joined our staff in 2016.
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Mrs. Elena Krumholtz (Language Arts 6th and 7th,)- Room 221

Mrs. Krumholtz joined our staff in 1978
BS Education
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Mrs. Emily Ann Issenmann (Language Arts 6 & 8)- Room 216

Mrs. Issenmann joined our staff in 2016

M.A in Educations and B.S Middle Childhood Education

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Mrs. Teresa Sarmiento(Math 6 -7- 8)- Room 223

Mrs. Sarmiento joined our staff in 1998
BS Education
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Mrs. Sandra O’Gorman- Room 211

Mrs. O’Gorman joined our staff in 2004
BA Education
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Mrs. Karen Henry- Room 014

BS Art Education

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Physical Education

Mrs. Kathleen Dorsten- Room 403

Mrs. Dorsten joined our staff in 1979

B.S Education
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Mr. Jeremy Samudio- Room- 021

Mr. Samudio joined our staff in 2007
BA Music Education
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Technology Coordinator

Mrs. Anne Hill- Room 219

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Library Assistants

Mrs. Margaret Brown- Room- 210

Mrs. Brown joined our staff in 2006
MSEd, Master of Science in Education, BA History
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