Charger Chatter

Through the efforts and cooperation of students, parents and staff, St. Charles School provides an outstanding educational experience. One of the reasons that experience is so rewarding is the many lines of communication shared by the whole community. One of our main channels of communication with St. Charles School families is our Charger Chatter. This is our weekly e-mail blast, sent out every Monday. The most recent issues are posted below for your convenience. It is just one of the many tools used to communicate with the St. Charles School community.

If there is no school on Monday, there will not be a Charger Chatter for that week.

Charger Chatter- February 24, 2020

Charger Chatter- February 20, 2020

Charger Chatter- February 10, 2020

Charger Chatter- February 3, 2020

Charger Chatter- January 27, 2020

Charger Chatter- January 21, 2020

Charger Chatter- January 13, 2020

Charger Chatter- January 6, 2020

Charger Chatter- December 16, 2019

Charger Chatter- December 9, 2019

Charger Chatter- December 2, 2019

Charger Chatter- November 25, 2019

Charger Chatter- November 18, 2019

Charger Chatter November 4, 2019

Charger Chatter October 28, 2019

Charger Chatter October 21, 2019

Charger Chatter October 14, 2019

Charger Chatter October 7, 2019

Charger Chatter September 30, 2019

Charger Chatter September 23, 2019

Charger Chatter September 17, 2019

Charger Chatter September 10, 2019

Charger Chatter September 3, 2019

Charger Chatter August 26, 2019

Charger Chatter First Week 2019

Charger Chatter August 12, 2019

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Deadline to submit information for the Charger Chatter is Mondays by 10:00 a.m. Click here to email Maggie Paxson Collins.