Beginning this Sunday and for the following week, we will follow the journey of Our Savior through betrayal, disaster, and death, to Resurrection and new life. This year we read Mark’s account of Jesus’ Passion, death, and Resurrection. We will read and/or hear about:

  • Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. How do I welcome Jesus’ entry into my life?
  • Jesus’ being anointed with precious oil. How do I show my great love for Jesus?
  • At the Last Supper, Peter and the others swear that they will never deny him. Do I ever deny my Lord?
  • In the garden at Gethsemane, His companions sleep rather than pray with Jesus. Do I sometimes “sleep” when I should pray?
  • Judas betrays Jesus with a kiss. When/how have I betrayed Jesus?
  • His companions run away when Jesus is taken captive. When do I run from Jesus?
  • Many give false testimony against Jesus at His trial. Do I confess Him faithfully?
  • Jesus is denied three times by Peter. Could I ever deny Jesus? How and why?
  • Simon of Cyrene is forced to help Jesus carry His cross. Do I help others to carry their crosses?
  • Jesus is crucified. How have I helped to crucify Jesus?
  • The centurion recognizes and proclaims that Jesus is the Son of God. How do I proclaim Jesus’ Divinity?
  • At the end of the ordeal, only a few remain at the foot of His cross. How long will I remain?
  • The women discover that Jesus has been raised from the dead. What do I discover when I realize that Jesus is risen?

There are so many stories within the story. A frequently effective way to understand it is to put yourself into the story either as another character or to replace a character with yourself. Then imagine what you witnessed, how you felt, what you did.


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