“It has been very important to keep our Sunday 9 a.m. tradition in order to keep some sense of normalcy in our communication with God.”

“We have truly enjoyed the virtual/video Masses these past few Sundays. We are not ready to attend Mass yet and are hoping you will continue this video Mass.”

“I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to participate in Mass from home via the livestreaming. While I miss receiving the Eucharist, having online Mass has allowed me to be more dedicated to attending Church services and listening to the Gospel. I have attended Mass weekly since the pandemic where before I would only attend sporadically. Thank you!”

“As we knelt in our living room for Mass that first Sunday, the glass of the TV separating us from Our Lord, we cried. And as our tears fell, I knew that my greatest longing for my children is that they would feel that sense of loss when deprived of the Sacraments. I am deeply grateful for the renewed appreciation of this Sacrament.”

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