“This time has allowed us to slow down from the distractions of our normally busy schedules. Every Sunday we watch Mass just as we would being there. We set up chairs, sing along with the songs, and laugh at Father’s jokes.”

“Mass on TV, relying on Spiritual Communion for sustenance. Such sacrifices for Lent that we would not have dreamed of making; our own efforts at ‘giving up’ something dwarfed by Him asking us to give up His body, as He did, as His mother did. This ongoing fast will make such a sweet Banquet when we return!”

“It is so strange not to see people from the community, but as I think of you I raise you in prayer. One of my tasks during this time is to write the prayer intentions we have been receiving over the phone into our Parish Book of Intentions. It makes me think of how powerful the network of prayer is that holds us together.”

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