When we are first introduced to someone, we learn a name, what he or she does, where he or she lives, about family, children, etc. But do we really know whom we’ve met? Not yet. It takes time. It requires building a lasting relationship.

In my mind, I place myself in today’s Gospel, happening today. I am there when Jesus asks His disciples “Who do you say that I am?” This is after they tell Him who others say that He is.

I know who others say that Jesus is. There are myriad stories about Him, about His teaching, about His works. It helps me to know Him or about Him a little. But I am thinking to myself:

“Good question, Master.”

“Who are you in my life?”

“How well do I know you?”

“How long do I need to know you so that I really get to know you and who you are?”

I answer my own question.

To get to know Jesus in a deeply personal way, and not just by hearsay, I must go about it in a similar way as to getting to really know any other person, by spending time with Him, by sharing experiences with Him.

There are no shortcuts. Spending time with Jesus is a lifelong endeavor of building the relationship, of getting to know Him more fully. I can do this through prayer and partaking of the Sacraments.

As a disciple, I can ask the Father to grant me a deeper knowledge of Jesus, and ask the Holy Spirit to explain to me this mystery.

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