Today we celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany. Epiphany derives from the Greek word (epiphaneia), which means a manifestation, becoming strikingly apparent.

In our modern world, it seems that every year new stars appear: a sports hero, or a performer, a politician, or whatever… We expect great things of these stars. When our expectations are not met, we must ask ourselves, was what we were looking for truly important?

Expectations help to shape our life journey.

If we dare to allow God to interrupt, as did the Magi, we may find that we are not looking for the right “king” nor even in the right place. We might find this king among the poor, the marginalized, or simply in a truth revealed to us in an AHA! moment. (This is what some refer to as an Epiphany Moment.) When we remain open to God and allow Him to expand our vision, we may find more than we were searching for.

The Magi were searching for a royal king. They were following a star. They met God along the way, allowed Him to alter their journey, and they found the true King of the Universe, the Christ. The story of the Magi shows us that while the appearance of the King was an immutable event to come, we must go part of the way to find Him. We have prayer and sacraments to help us. May we continue to find Him in the countless ways he reveals Himself.

May every day be an Epiphany for us.

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