I am glad that we have the opportunity to see Masses streamed. I truly valued Fr Tim’s sermon on 3/29 Sunday mass. I told relatives about it and just received an email back from my brother in Colorado how he valued it also, and intends to watch future online masses with Fr Tim. I do wish I could see if a printed version is online for me to keep. [Visit stcharles-kettering.org/bulletins/ for recent editions of the SPUR.]

Because I dealt with both parents in nursing homes for several years, I am sad for all families that cannot visit their loved ones through this time. I know it is for the patient’s good, but always felt I benefited from seeing them pretty often. (Both my parents died this past fall and so I am at peace because I don’t worry about them.)

I benefit from daily walks and renewed time set aside for saying a rosary.

Nancy Schroth

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