The Gospel for this fifth Sunday of Lent tells of Jesus’ reflecting upon his own death.

Lent is a time for us to reflect on our own death, not so much of passing from this world, but rather of dying to self and living for others as Christ did. This is the way of life modeled for us by Jesus.

I borrow a prayer from one of my favorite sources, and paraphrase it this way:

Lord Jesus, inspired by your love, guided by your example, change our selfishness into self-giving. In this, our last week before Holy Week, it seems that there is so much left to do, to ask for, to be open to, to surrender, and to change. Lord Jesus, Savior, you assure us that you are the “Resurrection and the life,” that if we place our faith in you, we will “never die.” Today we beg for the graces we need and desire to gain the courage for the journey ahead as we strive to imitate your selfless life.

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