Today’s Gospel takes us back to Easter Sunday. That afternoon, Jesus appeared to two of His disciples on the road to Emmaus. Jesus walked with them, explained the scriptures to them, and then dined with them. When He broke the bread, they recognized Him. They excitedly came running back to the upper room to tell the others. This is where our passage for today begins.

We have all experienced life-changing events in our lives. The Resurrection of Jesus is the most life-changing event ever. Because Jesus rose from the dead,d even fear cannot hold on to us for long because He came to us offering peace. Notice that Jesus’ first word to the apostles was “peace.”

This world-changing event, Jesus’ Resurrection, happened and we share in its blessings. It partly depends on us, however, to bring those blessings to the world around us through the witness of our lives, our goodness, our love, our peace, and our joy. In so acting, we build the Kingdom of God and the eternal peace we all seek.

Let us ask ourselves how we Christians can witness for others more fully the Resurrection and all its promise.

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