In case of a medical emergency or security concern, please call 911.  For after hours support, contact (937) 490-9203.


The St. Charles PAC (Parish Activities Center) is for the primary use of St. Charles parish. Accommodations for diocesan entities such as Alter High School and other parishes will be granted provided PAC time is available.  St. Charles reserves the right to remove outside entities from the schedule to accommodate our own needs. PAC reservations for outside groups or organizations is prohibited. Availability is determined by the Office of the Business Manager, in conjunction with other parish schedules, for the benefit of the St. Charles parish community. Space must be reserved and approved in advance through our parish online calendar. Using the PAC without requesting time on our parish online calendar is considered to be trespassing even if a member of that group has keys to the building. Any group using our PAC must fully comply with the Archdiocesan Child Protection Program.  This includes appropriate adult-child and gender ratios.


  1. Scheduling requests for use of the PAC facility must be approved through the parish Business Office (434-6081) or by requesting PAC time through our parish online calendar.  The PAC is generally available after school and on weekends until 10:00 pm.  The PAC is closed during the month of July for maintenance.
  2. For information on doors, lights, fans, microphones, etc., call the St. Charles Maintenance Supervisor 434-6081 x1308 during school hours (8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.).
  3. The PAC facility may not be used during regular scheduled Masses and other religious events throughout the year.
  4. No food or drinks are permitted in the PAC facility with the exception of water.
  5. ONLY dry athletic shoes are permitted on the floor in the PAC.
  6. Students are not to enter or use the PAC facility until their adult chaperones/coaches are present. There must be at least 2 adults present at all times. All Archdiocesan Child Protection Decree requirements must be met. If only one adult is present, PAC use is not authorized.
  7. Students are not to leave the PAC facility without permission from an adult.
  8. Each individual group using the facility is responsible for set-up/clean-up/lock-up.
  10. After use, the floor should be dust mopped with the mop found in the storage room and trash deposited in trash cans.
  11. During evening/weekend use, all school doors will be locked, with NO access to the school.
  12. An emergency phone is located in the former priest’s sacristy located in the south east corner of the building. To get an outside line, dial 8, then the phone number.
  13. Prior to leaving the PAC facility, users are responsible for closing all windows and doors and checking for items that may be holding open doors. Ensure that all lights and fans are off, and check the restrooms and changing rooms prior to turning off the lights and exiting.
  14. All adjacent PAC rooms are strictly off limits to students without specific permission from a supervising adult.
  15. AED (automated external defibrillator) devices may be used in emergency situations only.
  16. All accidents and injuries must be documented and reported on a medical incident form and submitted to the parish Business Manager within 24 hours of the incident.
  17. If needed, ice can be found in the freezer located in the equipment storage closet in the northwest corner of the PAC.
  18. Violation of rules may result in the termination of future privileges for the use of this facility.

PAC use is a privilege, not a right. Please help us keep our PAC clean, safe, and secure for everyone.