Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and discover how St. Charles School can provide a valued education for your child. The information available here is only a sampling of the educational opportunities that await your child at St. Charles School. You will find information ranging from details on the rigor of our academic programs to highlights of our award-winning drama productions. We are excited to share with you the faith-filled experiences that our students partake in every year.

Throughout all of our programs the faculty and staff of St. Charles School follow the guiding principles established in the beginning to form a child-focused community. We affirm the sacredness of all of God’s creation and respect the uniqueness of each human being. We operate out of this conviction to ensure that no one stands in the way of another’s attempt to become the person God meant him or her to be.

Included in this website is information about our student information system, Option C, www.optionc.com. The school code for St. Charles School is 8380. The Option C website contains necessary information and forms for parents and students. Registration forms, medical releases, and field trip forms can be found in the “File Library” section. Students’ grades are also accessible through this website with a user name and password that can be acquired through the school office. If you click on the Parent or Student Life tab in the yellow bar above, you can read more about Option C and how to use it.

I invite you to come see how we can help your child grow spiritually, academically, and artistically. Please contact us to learn more about how St. Charles School can provide your child with a comprehensive and challenging Catholic education.

David Bogle, Principal