Download the St. Charles App!

We are excited to announce our St. Charles Borromeo School App. Our app is intended as a communication and collaboration tool for our families and staff. By downloading and registering for the App, you will have access to the most current news and information about our school/classrooms and find resources for your spiritual growth. We will also be using our App to automate school form processes so that you can complete and submit them quickly and easily from your mobile devices or personal computers.

Our St. Charles School app is free but unlike other free mobile apps, there are no advertisements and your account data will not be sold or made available to anyone outside of our school staff. Our app will not increase your digital footprint.
Below are links that will take you to our app at the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and a link for using our app from a Windows PC. Starting to use our app is a simple 3 step process.
1. Download the App.
2. Complete Registration information for our App.
3. Fill out your profile and choose the homeroom groups related to your student(s).

Once you have downloaded our app, register for the app by tapping on the Create New Account text on the login page of the app. You will be sent a confirmation email to confirm your registration. Tap on the Activate Account Button on the e-mail you receive and enter the password that you wish to use for the app.
You will then be automatically logged into the app. Once inside the app, Tap on the Menu icon in the upper left corner and select Profile Settings. Complete your profile information including adding a picture of yourself if you wish, then tap on the Join Groups Text and select the Homeroom Teacher Class Groups that your student/s are in. Note that if you are the parent from your family that is responsible for completing needed forms (such as school field trip permission forms), choose Admin Parent Group for your student(s) homeroom(s). If you are a parent or other family member that wishes to stay informed but is not responsible for filling out needed forms, then join the Other Family Group for your student(s) homeroom(s).

Below are links to our St. Charles Borromeo School App for the different App Stores:

For Apple Mobile Devices:

For Android Mobile Devices:

For Windows PC’s:


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